Blurred Lines

Blurring the Lines

At Nautilus Luxury Homes, we are ready to help you update your home into the dream home you have always wanted. Or we can turn that beautiful lot by the marsh into the masterpiece you have dreamt about in Luxe Magazine. And to accomplish this, within your budget and time frame, our design and engineering team will “blur the lines” with our two favorite design elements that will take your breath away when you walk into your home and look out across the living area.

The Kitchen is Not an Island

If you need to open a door to enter your current kitchen or if you have to leave the kitchen to talk with someone in the room next door, it’s high time you updated your idea of what a kitchen space looks like and how it can function for your family in 2017.

No longer is the cook relegated to a confined space in the back of the house only to leave when it is time to bring food to friends and family waiting patiently in the room next door. Knock down those walls! Raise that ceiling! Today’s kitchen is either the hub of activity where guests hang out while meals are being prepared or it is the nexus from where food and talk are passed back and forth without boundaries.

By blurring the lines of the traditional kitchen and adjacent eating areas, the open space design of a Nautilus kitchen enables family and friends to come together in sharing of conversation, nourishment and life itself.

Bringing the Outdoors In

No, you do not have to live on the beach in Southern California to open those doors and bring the outdoors in. Whether your backyard is the march or the ocean, a jungle gym, swimming pool or turf grass with a picket fence, Nautilus will take down those walls separating you and your family from that “other life” you have in your backyard.

Large plate glass windows and telescoping 16’ wide door systems (with hidden thresholds!) will blur those lines so quickly it will take your breath away. And with ceiling fans on the porch, nearly invisible overhead screen systems and non-toxic pest control misters you can enjoy your new space in the middle of summer.

Blurring the lines.

All of us here at Nautilus take pride in blurring the lines because when we help you increase the livability of your home, we increase the value you place on your home. And as your neighbors we want our friends to be happy. If it takes blurring the lines to help you get there, well, let’s get out the erasers!